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Yesterday I was found guilty of trying to impede voters.  My political cartoon with the wrong date, with the judge’s approval, was allowed to be interpreted...

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Posted - 1 July 2016


Posted – August 1, 2019
In September 2018, 48.29% of the student population were reported as economically disadvantaged.

LEERY, that’s how we should feel about the new Hampton school lunch policy…leery.

Channel 13 gave Hampton City Schools the opportunity to spread their propaganda of carrying.  According to Hampton City Schools’ spokesperson, Hampton will ensure that “students in the district always receive a regular lunch meal of their choice regardless of any debt or inability to pay.”  Bless their heart.  Except, that statement is contrary to the new policy.  According to the new policy, elementary and middle school students will be allowed to charge 10 meals…what happens at meal 11 – they get to go hungry.  The policy is stricter on high school students - “Students who do not have money on their account or in hand to cover the cost of a meal at the time of service may be permitted to charge ONE meal for breakfast and ONE meal for lunch.”  Note how “ONE” is emphasized.  Is the school board shouting at us?  I think so.

Also contrary to policy - “Reasonable efforts are used to avoid calling attention to a student’s inability to pay.”  My daughter at Phoebus High School was 10 cents short and literally had the tray ripped from her hands.  My 16-year-old grandson doesn’t go to Hampton City Schools, but I can’t imagine how productive he would be without one or two meals a day.  He’s a bottomless pit.  Typical for a teenager…right?  How productive would our children be when facing school days on empty stomachs?

But there is an easy fix…Hampton City Schools could be participating in the Community Eligibility Provision program.  Something I have written about often.  This would allow all students to receive free breakfast and lunch.  Less than half of the schools (14) are permitted to participate rather than the 100% (33 – which includes the school previous named the Campus at Lee and Downtown Hampton CDC site) which are eligible.   With millions in dollars left over at the end of every school year in the schools’ food fund, there is no defense for not participating.  Other school districts fully participating are doing so successfully. 

Finally, the purpose of having the Hampton Treasurer taking over debt collecting – that office is an expert in debt collecting.

Virginia's Hampton City Schools, U.S. Education Department Settle Case of Retaliation Against Mom Who Advocated for Daughter

Superintendents in Virginia

Posted – 30 June 2019

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In data provided by National Center for Education Statistics – “The percentage of public school teachers who were female increased from 75 percent in 1999–2000 to 77 percent in 2015–16.”  How has Virginia performed in recognizing the talents of the majority of the workforce…

As of June 30, 2019 in Virginia, 67.18% of the superintendents are male.  With 77% of the teachers being female, only 33% in Virginia have achieved leadership status.


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